Preventive security measures in case of loss of a smartphone or tablet.

  • 1. Always secure your device with a password, PIN, or biometric such as a fingerprint.
  • 2. Cell phones are safest in lockable inner pockets.
  • 3. Do not show your cell phone to strangers, for example, when asking for the time. 
  • 4. Be mindful when asking strangers to take a photo of you, for example.
  • 5. The same safety and precautionary measures apply to the smartphone or tablet as to a PC or laptop.
  • 6. Set up a function to locate the device in case of loss and erase the data stored on it.
  • 7. Make regular data backups of your device. 
  • 8. Some apps can inform about SIM card change. This function allows you to get the SIM card number of the new user after theft. 
  • 9. Get a handypass so that you have all the important information at hand in case of loss or theft.