Smart und Sicher im Internet (SUSII – Smart and Safe in the Internet) is a free and non-commercial joint project from eco – Association of the Internet Industry, with its services and the eco Complaints Office, in cooperation with the Cologne Police Headquarters.

Smart und Sicher im Internet is an Internet security portal aimed at the citizens of Leverkusen and small and medium-sized firms. The site is a central contact point for victims of cybercrime, with the focus on emergency support and prevention.

SUSII offers citizens and companies a clear guide, provides simple solutions and recommendations for action in the case of cybercrime and can put you in touch with the right contact person.

With the three strong partners, the eco Complaints Office and the Cologne Police Headquarters, the project covers almost all areas of cybercrime, from hacked computers, to the displaying of child sexual abuse material, and on to online scams, and can in almost all cases provide a competent contact person and help in solving the problem.

The prevention side of the project makes use of simple, understandable and non-technical language, to contribute to a strengthening of the awareness of the digital security of citizens, companies and their staff, and in particular to reach the people in each company who have so far been largely out of touch with cyber-criminality and IT security.

This project strengthens Leverkusen in the area of IT security, and contributes to a reduction in the economic damage caused by the multitude of threats from cybercrime every year. Smart und Sicher im Internet is supported by the City of Cologne, the Chamber of Trade Cologne (HWK), the Chamber of Commerce Cologne (IHK) and the regional Internet service provider NetCologne.

Together with these strong partners, SUSII makes a contribution to the improvement of Internet security, youth protection and legality in the Internet in Leverkusen.