Here are tips and advice on how to deal with fraud in online shopping.

Order goods from Ebay, Amazon or other online shops

If you have ordered goods or services from EBay, Amazon or other online shops and haven’t received them, then the first step is to contact the shop and report the incident. 

If the shop operators cannot help you, then contact a consumer protection office next. They will help you further. 

You will find an overview in our link collection.

Cancelling a credit card payment

If you have been defrauded when shopping online, then it is often possible to cancel the credit card payment. 

To do so, contact either the bank that issued your credit card or the credit card company.

Reporting the offense

You should also report the offense to the police, particularly when the perpetrator is abroad. 

You can find more information on how to do so at Reporting the offense online.

Keep all possible records, such as the order and the communication with the other party.