The annual economic cost of industrial espionage is estimated to be around 51 billion Euro in Germany alone. Every second German company has been a victim of data theft, sabotage or espionage. If you suspect industrial espionage in your company, then you can report it here:

Contact: Office for the Protection of the Constitution NRW

In Germany, the constitutional protection authorities are responsible for dealing with industrial espionage and protecting the economy. 
Website of the North Rhine-Westphalia Office for the Protection of the Constitution:

Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen Abteilung Verfassungsschutz 
Postfach 10 30 13 
40021 Düsseldorf 
Telephone +49 (0)211 / 871 – 2821 
Fax +49 (0)211 / 871 – 2980 

Emergency contact: Police/Landeskriminalamt

In urgent cases you can contact the Landeskriminalamt’s (State Police Department) Single Point of Contact for Cybercrime. 

The NRW Landeskriminalamt’s Single Point of Contact for Cybercrime is available around the clock: 
Single Point of Contact: 
Telephone: +49 211 939-4040 

If you catch an industrial spy in the act, then call the emergency number 110 directly.