Unwanted emails, hate Speech or media harmful for the youth: Illegal contents may be distributed online. Should you come across these types of contents, don’t look away! You can actively help to not give these contents a platform by reporting them.

About the eco Complaints Office

The eco – Association of the Internet Industry runs a complaints office for reports about illegal and harmful internet contents. Internet users can issue reports anonymously if they wish to do so. The Complaints Office’s legal experts assess the reported contents. Should they indeed be found to be illegal, notice and takedown measures are initiated. This work naturally does not cause costs for the reporting internet users. You can find more information about the eco Complaints Office and their work here.

How to report contents

Every report counts! Don’t hesitate to report any illegal content you might have stumbled upon to the eco Complaints Office.
You can use our online form or email us at hotline@eco.de. To help the complaints team find and assess the content you mean to report, please include a concrete URL or describe to us how to find the content. This is to ensure the speedy assessment and processing of the report.

Any questions!?

What contents can I report? What benefit does reporting contents have? What do I need to keep in mind when reporting something? These questions and more are answered in our FAQ.

In case of emergency…

…as always: If there’s immediate danger another emergency: dial 110!