A DDoS attack is a deliberate attack against a server, a processor or the complete data network, with the help of botnets. As a result of gaining sustained access to the target, this quickly leads to an overload of a website or the complete network infrastructure. DDoS attacks are also occurring increasingly frequently in connection with blackmailing the company.

If you are being blackmailed, contact the Single Point of Contact for Cybercrime at the Landeskriminalamt (State Police Department)

The NRW Landeskriminalamt’s Single Point of Contact for Cybercrime is available around the clock: 
Single Point of Contact 
Email: cybercrime.lka@polizei.nrw.de 
Telephone: +49 211 939-4040 

Blackmail is a criminal act from the legal perspective, according to §253 StGB German Criminal Code. Never make direct contact with blackmailers without coordinating with the Landeskriminalamt.

Stay calm!

Stay calm and contact the relevant staff members (IT Systems Administrator/Department, Management, and Corporate Communications.) in your company or at your IT service provider.

DDoS as diversion tactic

Be especially vigilant during a DDoS attack – attackers use DDoS attacks often as a diversionary tactic, in order to gain access to company data via other vulnerabilities in the network.

Emergency services for defense against a DDoS attack

In many cases, your Internet service provider will contact you to bring your attention to a DDoS attack. Basic protection will often protect against smaller attacks against business customers. For massive attacks, contacting a company specialized in anti-DDoS is recommended.

Companies like Link11, Akamai and Cloudflare offer emergency contact numbers and support around the clock: 
Link 11: 24/7 DDoS emergency hotline: +49 800 0011800 
Akamai: DDoS-Hotline: +49 89 94006 308 
Cloudflare: No hotline, just a web form.