Both online and offline, there’s always someone who annoys, bullies or even threatens other people. If this persists through a certain amount of time and is done online (via social media, messengers, chats etc.), it’s called cyber bullying. Most times, this is directed at minors. If you encounter this type of behavior, be it as a target of it or as a witness, family member or teacher: get help.

The following portals are a selection of sources for this specific and other problems. All of these services are free of charge, of course. Please note that these services are in German, while the contacts provided may be able to answer in English.

Nummer gegen Kummer

The Nummer gegen Kummer gives ear primarily to kids and young people and their problems that they might want to talk about, but parents can also call in and ask for help. Sometimes, talking about something already helps a lot with finding a solution. All sorts of problems can be discussed via phone or email – anonymously or not. 



The platform is directed at minors to help with problems like cyber bullying, harassment and many others. Apart from information about these subjects, the platform offers ways to get help. 


Polizei für dich

The Federal and State Criminal Prevention Office runs the web portal “Polizei für dich” (Police for you) to inform children and young people about subjects relevant to them from the police’s point of view, both online and offline. In addition to typical Internet topics, information and assistance as well as contacts to other areas can be found here.