If your smartphone has been lost or stolen, we recommend the following:

Block your SIM card

Block your SIM card immediately. This can be done by calling your mobile provider. If you do not know the number then you can call the emergency blocking number 116 116. Many devices can be blocked through the IMEI (device) number. Ask your provider about this feature.

Robbery? Make an emergency call

If you have been robbed, then call the emergency number 110 immediately.

Activate protection software

Using a second device, activate the protection software installed on your phone to block and locate the device, and delete the data.

Also report a robbery or theft to the police.

A report of robbery or theft can be made online or in the nearest police station.

The following information is required for the report

Details of the model and make of the device: 

– The SIM card number 

– The IMEI (device) number 

– The location, time and details of the theft, possible witnesses 

– Other useful details such as the location information given by your protection software.